I’m already thinking about my next collection, and I’m looking forward to the warm weather whenever it may get here. I think spring is going to be very inspiring. I’m also hopeful about how the season change may affect the economy…… never know.

I found a new process for softening denim, so I may be bringing jeans back into my next collection with some tops that are easy to wear and care for. Denim has become a bit of an obsession of mine, but I’m
still learning about it, and I I have one style that I’ve been developing for awhile. I’ve improved the fit over time, and with each new draft of the pattern I find I am closer to achieving my idea of the “perfect” jean. Yes, the perfect jean.

The style I am developing is a straight legged jean which I find elongates the body with it’s close fit (but the straight lines give more of an illusion of height than a skinny jean). I think this style is very versatile because it can be worn with boots, or heels, or even more casual shoes. Pocket size and placement of course are very key elements, and I felt satisfied with what I came up with, but I try to keep an open mind, and I never know what adjustments will be final.

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